My creations provoke thoughts and emotions which energize my psyche and bring me peace as a mixed medium artist. Through this peace I can produce the current product that will allow the patron to identify the feelings I put into my work. Experimenting with different products, styles, mediums, platforms and other utilities, I have been able to constantly enhance my range of skills and techniques. I have had some physical hardships that have forced me to learn new ways to create. I’ve learned to draw and paint from a lying position and have been able to overcome my physical limitations in order to get the desired outcome of that particular piece. I became familiar with being uncomfortable, while also learning to accept failure in the process. These failures allowed me to strive and push myself beyond my comfort level giving me a new found pride upon completion of each step. When you purchase my artwork, you purchase a sample of my years of experience, all the hardships, trials, learning and researching is resembled through my work, 

by purchasing my art you not only purchase a piece of my energy, but you support my artistic growth as well, and for that, I thank you sincerely.